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This animated film is an artistic tribute inspired by Alvin Ailey's renowned routine, 'Home,' which beautifully explores the themes of reaching back and moving forward. Choreographed by the talented Rennie Harris and composed by Dennis Ferrer and Tyrone Ellis, this heartfelt homage also sheds light on the battle against AIDS and its profound impact on the lives of countless individuals, including Ailey himself, who tragically succumbed to AIDS complications in 1989.

Embracing Ailey's legacy of inclusivity and accessibility in the dance world, this art video intertwines the past and present, weaving together a mesmerizing collage that metaphorically brings together those lost to AIDS with those who carry on his remarkable work. The selection of reference footage was a thoughtful and intuitive process, carefully capturing the essence of Ailey's dance style and maintaining a profound and sustained sense of neutral emotion throughout the choreography.

Crucial to this narrative is the acknowledgement of the LGBTQ+ community, which bore the brunt of the HIV crisis in the 1980s from its inception. The artistry of the video retains an 80s-esque style while harmoniously complementing the vibrant house/hip-hop music. It skillfully employs juxtaposition, blending elements of sadness and hope to create a backdrop that honors the profound impact of Ailey's life and work.

At the two-minute mark, the video takes a transformative turn, incorporating audio from the original choreographed routine. Ailey's deep spirituality, a recurring motif in his choreography and soundtracks, is gracefully interwoven. The final segment pays homage to his spiritual journey, culminating in a poignant moment that alludes to his ultimate homecoming, even as it subtly reminds us that the lasting impact of his legacy transcends the devastating effects of illness. Visual cues gently convey this powerful message, underscoring the fact that Ailey's influence remains indomitable, both then and now.

Intriguingly, one of the characters in the video serves as a metaphorical manifestation of Ailey himself. The revelation of this character's identity is purposefully saved for the very last clip, adding an extra layer of discovery and resonance to the viewing experience."

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