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Grace Palmer, a 22-year-old folk pop sensation hailing from Ellington, CT, embarked on a remarkable journey in pursuit of her musical dreams. With unwavering determination, she made the bold move to Nashville at the tender age of 18, only to face an unexpected obstacle—the relentless grip of the pandemic. However, fate had other plans for her. 

Returning to her roots in Ellington, Grace Palmer found herself at a crossroads, a moment of introspection that led her to redefine her purpose. Embracing the winds of change, she decided to chart a new course, enrolling in college to explore uncharted territories. Little did she know that this path would unveil a hidden passion within her soul.

As the melodies of education intertwined with her creative spirit, Grace discovered a profound love for environmental advocacy. Guided by a vision of a sustainable future, she fearlessly blended her musical prowess with the urgent call to protect our planet. Harmonizing the captivating chords of her songs with the rhythm of her activism, she became an inspiring force for change, captivating audiences with both her stirring lyrics and unwavering dedication.

Grace Palmer, a name that now resonates not just in the realm of music but also in the fight for a better world. Join her on this extraordinary journey as she embraces her role as a singer-songwriter, environmentalist, and harbinger of hope, weaving together the strands of music and sustainability into a harmonious symphony that reverberates far beyond the confines of a stage.

In the heart of Upper Manhattan and the Bronx, NY, a silent epidemic has been steadily gaining momentum—the alarming rise of diabetes. In recent years, the communities here have been grappling with the devastating consequences of poverty and limited access to fresh, nutritious foods, amplifying the severity of health complications and amputations.


Unveiling the harsh realities and untold stories of those affected, this poignant short documentary delves deep into the lives of diabetic patients, shedding light on their daily struggles and unwavering resilience. Through their powerful narratives, we witness the profound impact of this disease on their lives, families, and the community at large.

Guiding us through this compelling journey are dedicated doctors and healthcare professionals who have made it their mission to provide specialized care to these underserved communities. With expertise honed by years of experience, they navigate the complex landscape of diabetes treatment, offering a beacon of hope amidst the challenges that lie ahead.

However, the battle against diabetes is not just fought within the confines of clinics and hospitals. This film sparks a vital conversation around preventative measures—highlighting the urgent need to slow down the rapid incline of diabetes in these neighborhoods. It explores innovative approaches, community initiatives, and the transformative power of education to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to reclaim control over their health.

In a world where life-saving medications remain inaccessible to those who need them most, this documentary uncovers the systemic barriers and financial hurdles faced by these communities. It sheds light on the unmet needs and calls for policy changes to ensure affordable and equitable access to crucial medications that could alleviate the burden of diabetes.

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