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With a strong background in news reporting, Ashley has made significant contributions to award-winning publications in New England, leaving an indelible mark on the field of journalism.

Her work includes being the first reporter to uncover the decline of sexual violence reports at Vermont colleges in 2020, igniting important conversations and prompting change within higher education. Additionally, she has been recognized for captivating storytelling, with multiple features in the esteemed Daily 7 by Seven Days VT, where her stories were hailed as the "most compelling." 

Furthermore, her investigative news reporting has been featured on Vermont Public Radio, providing valuable insights into pressing issues. She is dedicated to shedding light on critical subjects through extensive coverage of public health, social justice, crime reporting, and the gender wage gap. Her stories have also been adopted by prominent New England publications such as the Valley News and The Mountain Times.

Explore her portfolio and witness firsthand the impactful stories that have shaped her career and inspired change.

Here are some of her most featured stories.

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